Yellow for fun and beauty.

A Southern Belle. The skirt of this dress used to be a scarf. It's made of yellow organdy and is very see-through... Midge needs an underskirt.... 

I added a green bodice and sleeves in the same fabric. I took the idea from a Winter Princess to add silkribbons to the skirt and also added a long band made of the same green silkribbon and an sewed on a yellow silkribbon as tiebelt. Midge also got two pieces of the yellow ribbon in her hair. 

This is a piece of beautiful organdy in three colors, yellow, grey and white inbetween. It's also pretty thin so I added a yellow  underskirt to it. The bodice is white satin with yellow silkribbons for shoulderstraps. For the belt I used a grey silkribbon, sewed on a yellow silkribbon and a yellow rose. 


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