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Dolls of the World Collection, part 1
Below are first some of the European countries presented mixed with some of the South American.

Note: All boxes on these pages are NOT from Dolls of the World Collection,
but a mix from all kinds of releases with dolls in folk costumes from all over the world.

My dolls are not for sale. They are just show offs from my personal collection - otherwise noted.

Click the thumbs to see a bigger photo

#24672 Swedish Barbie

A wonderful version of a Swedish lady. I really like this one - and a lot more than the first version. She is very authentic and detailed. Beautiful.  

#18560 Polish Barbie

A girl from Poland with a very soft look and two real braids - not just twists, but actual braids! She looks very west European to me.  

#21553 Austrian Barbie

Another sweet looking gal, from Austria. Her hair is a lovely honey blonde shade. 

#14450 Norwegian Barbie

Thi sis the second version of the girl from Norway - our neighbor in the west. The first version came with purple flowers and not red like here. This is one of the first DotW I have seen in my parts of the world, although I got this one from my brother and his wife in USA. 

#12698 German Barbie
Second Edition, 1994 

This lady is made with those horrible ballerina legs you see on the My First Barbies with molded on shoes - or ballet-slippers. They are even WHITE with painted black shoes... <sigh>. O well as long as she stays NRFB I guess I am OK with it. 
She has the looks of a mountain girl, or to come from beer country in Germany, 

#2256 Italian Barbie
Second Edition, 1992 

A Teresa faced girl without her teeth showing! 


First Italian is a special doll since she made with
a face used only ONCE in the Barbie line.
I got mine loose but with her original skirt and hat!

#9843 Parisian Barbie
Second Edition, 1990 

The second Parisian Barbie was just like the first edition made with the lovely Steffie mold.

#4032 Swedish Barbie

The first edition Swedish Barbie was part of the group of dolls called "The Internationals", before Dolls of the World.

#5395 Snöprinsessa Barbie

One of the crown jewels of my "Dolls of the World" collection. A black haired SuperStar faced Barbie dressed in the same outfit as the Eskimo Barbie dolls. She was actually released the year before Swedish Barbie but is more Nordic than Swedish since she probably represents the people living in the Scandinavian mountain/alp regions.
This doll was only released in Scandinavia when she was new!

no name - OOAK Ken 

I got this doll (well actually a silver blonde guy that I switched for this brunet doc Ken for now) from my neighbor as a "Thank you" for watering her flowers this past summer (2004). She bought the outfit with doll in a Lappish Tourist shop. She had spotted it before and felt I had to have it. Wasn't that nice? The best part is that his kolt (Lappish costume) is made to look like the ones do from this region and not as is more common, from the North of Finland.

Click here for another shot, with an overcape. I like him better without the cape though!

#6361 Princess of the Vikings Barbie

As the daughter of a Viking "king" this girl is dressed regally - with wings (?!?) on her helmet. I have actually seen photos of the Swedish opera singer Birgit Nilsson in a costume with a winged helmet.

#24670 Spanish Barbie

Dressed for a bullfight... A wonderful matador outfit. 

#1916 Russian Barbie

Barbie as a Cossack with bear hat and all. 

#16500 Russian Barbie
Second Edition, 1996 

The second version Russian Barbie wears a folk costume that I can actually see Russian women wear. She is beautiful! 

#1292 Hispanic Barbie

The first Hispanic Barbie was made with the Steffie face mold. This particular doll has been on display and is missing the liner of her box so she is just loose inside the outer box. She is also missing her neck piece with a rose and all jewelry. Some day I'll find a NRFB doll.

#1917 Mexican Barbie

First edition Barbie from Mexico. This version is made with the Hispanic facemold. 

#14449 Mexican Barbie II

Second edition Mexican Barbie was made with the Teresa facemold. 

#3196 Fantastica Barbie, Limited Edition

Barbie is dressed for a Mexican Fiesta. Another Teresa faced beauty.

#16754 Puerto Rican Barbie

Another lady from South America in a pretty folk costume with lots of lace. 

#18559 Chilean Barbie

A ranchero lady dressed to dance the tango. This is actually the first DotW version to use the Mackie face. 


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