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I've made some redresses and wanted to share a few of them here.


Blossom Beauty Teresa dressed in an FA from 98
and Western Stampin' Tara Lynn wears a Hollywood
Hair-outfit with a pair of golden boots.

Teresa's purse is made by an Internet-friend of mine;
Lisa and she also made her necklace of silver beads.
The purse is a perfect match to the clothes.

Tara Lynn has put down her Lunch box with "vintage



Very Velvet Barbie is wearing the beautiful checked FA from 98, and Kay Bee's Fashion Avenue has the pretty dress with the sheer blouse from 99. They've been shopping and FA bought an oriental outfit in blue from Fashion Avenue. :-)

They are both carrying purses made by Lisa. The one to the left is made of black and white beads and the one to the right is made of "FA-frog"-green beads (meant for the Skipper FA and with a matching purse for Kelly) with a silver chain.

Thanks Lisa!! She gave me some of these FA-s too.



I found this stove/oven through an auction site and I just fell in love with it not knowing if it would actually fit any fashion dolls. It just said "doll stove". From the colors and look of the upper cupboards I believe this is a '60s item. It looks just like the kitchen did in Sweden at the time with slanted upper cupboards. OK, they usually are NOT situated above the stove but this is an All-in-One thing. It is made all in metal but the tiny drawers under the cupboards which are plastic and so are the details around and inside the oven. Sadly it is missing the oven front but I am hoping we will be able to recreate something for it.

The box that hides in the oven there contains something that was held in the drawers and the photo below will show you what. :-)


A set of kitchen tools! There are some bits and pieces missing as you can see...
What was present were these: 4 spoons, 3 forks and 2 knives, all metallic. Feels like led or something but is probably aluminum...

But the two items below them was my biggest surprise and joy! The scissors and spoon are real vintage Barbie items! I got that Barbie feeling when holding them and I was right! Checked through my reference books and found them where I thought they would be.
The scissors is part of the Knit Hit set, a knitted sweater and skirt wth a bowl of knitting yarn, needles and a knitting book.
The spoon was part of the Doc and Nurse sets to give medicine with.


I got an extra Princess of South Africa to play with and when I
got the vintage coat here just after I just had to try it on her.
Some folks disagree with the color scheme of black/white and
yellow but I think she looks ravishing in it!

Sh eis a tough chick to photogrpah being so dark but you get an
idea of how she bears the fur lined coat.


Brad and Christie are dressed
for a Christmas-Party.

Sorry about the flashy colors...

No I don't mean bright colors... :-) They are supposed to be there.... 


Tommy borrowed a reindeer from Santa and helped him give away some gifts.


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