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Now, WHAT is this??

Hint, click the photo and get another look ;-)

OK, I'll tell you anyway. This is what I see when I look up from my pillow
(ah.... OK, a bit from the pillow).
Below you will get a whole other look at the shelving system my husband
put up around the bedroom walls.

All pictures below leads to a bigger photo of the same.



East wall.

This part is filled with European extendo sets and Shelly dolls as well as the Olympic kids from Salt Lake City, the Kelly dolls from India and the Philippines, Italy and later years' Kelly Club sets.

Top shelf displays my Dolls of the World and you can see more of them below.  

South wall.

This is where the Kelly collection begins. From upper left corner going right and down are all the Li'l Friends of Kelly starting with Chelsie, Becky and Susie (Melody), moving on to Adventures of Li'l Friends and Kelly Club boxes.

Below the actual shelves are the Easter pals hung. They come with nifty little hangers so I just put up pins and hang them up.

Same wall as above.

The strange pieces of paper here and there in empty spots just shows where I have "missing" boxes. Some are in the house but dolls are deboxed and others are on the way here.

West wall.

My narrow Kelly dolls took up more room that I expected so I don't have many Kelly boxes on display. A couple that I just HAD to get up was the Power Wheels sets, Target Tommy and the AA set. This wall has fairy tale and story book dolls, as well as seasonal dolls.

Top shelf is under "construction" but so far I have put up Tango and Barbie Loves Elvis next to the Victorian Barbie & Kelly set.
South wall 2.

Right side of the door shows off the World Kids. Of course I have to have world kids on display along with my Doll of the World Barbies.

Here are also a few Licca Kindergarten dolls shown next to one Paula doll.


Top Shelf with Dolls of the World

  Top shelf of the East wall. Going around the roof shelf clockwise you will see more or less in chronological order....
Europe (beginning and ending with Swedish Barbie and Princess of the Vikings)...  
  ...continuing towards Africa and North America...
...and on to South America...  
  ...taking over by Asia...
...and finishing with Oshogatsu and Chinese Empress and a couple of foreign dolls, a Malaysian Kebaya and a blue sari Barbie in India.

These are also under "construction" since new dolls are added now and then.



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