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"Hi there! I'm Nicola and you have just entered my Beauty Salon. We have a really busy schedule today as Jeannine is having her hair done for her Prom. 
I have hired this wonderful woman named Annette that makes the most exquisite hairdos and she will be taking care of Jeannine later."

I will show you around Nicola's. This part is the shop where you can get anything you need to take care of yourself. We also carry jewelry and perfume. And to the right is the Hair Salon-part where Annette cut'n style your hair.  

Left: Sondra and Annette.

Right: Jeannine's mother Evie is having a chat with 
Annette to discuss hairdos in general

As any other Beauty Salon worth it's name Nicola has a corner with refreshments like lemonade, tea or coffee and a cookie for those who wishes.  

Evie and Mel is waiting for Jeannine to arrive.  

A cozy corner for relaxation. Nicola's is not only a Beauty Salon but an oasis of calm where you can pop in for a cup of coffee and a chat too. 

John-John (or JJ) seems to have a problem...? OR is he just admiring himself? JJ is in charge of the Jewelryshop of Nicola's and is also a great hairdresser. 

"Nicola, Can you come help me??" 

OK, he obviously needed help with something. 

"Can you do something about my hair? I need highlights or SOMETHING!"
"I have an idea. Wait and you'll see. I'll take my favorite color...."

"HEY, Cool! Purple stars. Thanks Nicola. That's what I needed."

Jeannine has taken place in the chair and Nicola is silently watching a pro at work. Jeannine brought her Prom-dress for Annette to have something to work from. 

Another corner of the Salon. 
Elizabeth is having a hairsalon of her own. Her friends Mel and Ronja is watching her when she works on Sassy, Nicola's cat. Ronja has some accessories ready if needed. 

"Voilą!" Doesn't Sassy look good in her new hat? Liza has watched her Mommy Annette so many times and is good with the comb herself. 
Ronja thinks she is the cutest she ever saw. 

The girls relax in the kids' corner.... 

And Sassy wants in too. Or is it just to show off her hat??

Annette is putting the finishing touches to Jeannine's hair.  

OK, this is it. Are you satisfied? 

"I love it! Roses are my favorites. And they are the same light pink as I have on the dress. Just what I wanted! Thank you Annette."

Off to see for some Jewelry to wear with the dress. 

"We just got in some new ones here, but I think you might need a choker instead, or at least a short necklace."

Jeannine went to JJ's glass monter instead to see if he had something suitable . 

"How about this one? It has many colors in it and my favorite pink too."
"Hmmm, I think it's too much. Either this one or the one with black and white pearls"

Meanwhile Annette is cleaning up the mess and sweaping up cut hair.  

Look who's here!! Jeannine's Prom-date Teodore just arrived - with a huge bouquet of pink roses. White tux and black hat. 

"I think we made a good choice on the black and white pearls" Sondra whispers to Annette.  

Just look at them. 

"OK, kids. Have a great time and don't stay out too late!"

This is Nicola's Pride and Joy. The relax-room where you can sit down to talk, have a cup of coffee, read magazines from all over the world and look at all the things Nicola have acquired over the years from her trips around the world. 

Nicola shows her wallshelf with all the souvenirs she has bought on her trips. You can see elephants from India, camels from Saudi Arabia, a tiny diorama from Venezuela, a silkchest from China, a Russian wooden chest, a ore-figure from Kiruna in Sweden, a miniature fishing boat from Norway, a skooter-bike from Italy and a car from France...

...a giraffe from Kenya, more elephants from Sri Lanka and Singapore, a big cat statue from Kuala Lumpur, a hat from Mexico, Peruvian panfluits, Bolivian bags, brassboxes from India.  A rug from Saudi Arabia is seen here too. 

And that's it from my studio. Come back another time!  

But not quite as it seems...  Liza is working on Ronja's hair too in her own tiny hair salon in the kids' corner. Ronja seems to be getting along well with Elizabeth and she sure needs a new friend.  


Page 10

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