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I decided to put all my Family-photos in the Show & Play Room for all to have access to them. I've made some matching ups with Babses and li'l ones for a Mommy & Baby-portrait and to match their FAs. 

Here's Teen Nikki dressed in a Brandy-fashion with her babysis Vanessa in a Kelly Playfashion but with her original shoes (she used to be a Halloween Friend Deidre). 

Sticker Craze babs and her hunky boyfriend FlashFire that both are very much into camo-dressing. He is because of his job and she is because she likes those greens :-)  

One of my first matchups. All I need is a matching outfit for tiny Lorena. She is a great match to Fashion Avenue Barbie with that firery red hair and teal eyes. 

Another matchmake in heaven. 

Butterfly Art Christie isn't at all the trashy girl she's been pointed out on e-Bay but quite Da Bomb! Here she is matched up with a tutu Deidre to show off those pink velveteen Matching FA-jackets. Don't have a full picture... Deidre's new name is now officially Denise :-)

I already had picked out who would dress in the HTF Ski-set when I found out I was finally gonna own it. This is Holiday Treats Babs and a European beach Kayla. Both girls have platinum blonde hair and green eyes and are perfect for these FAs. 

Lemonade Stand Tamika was my first choice when I got the denim FA but who to play the roll of her "Mom"? Well, Brandy and her braids is the best candidate! 

And another couple of darling AA girls. The second year Kwanzaa Keeya was perfect to wear the red raincoat with her red lips and I had to break out the first GG Nichelle to match her. Love those curls!! I think Nichelle looks rather smashing in that coat - even with her white heels. :-) 

It took me a while to realize I had this Birthday Party Barbie somewhere stashed away in an attic box. So I chased down my Bathing Fun Kelly (one of my Playdolls that also have a new ID: meet KayLee) and dressed her in the FA and don't they make a great couple? 

The Teresa has the matching colors for this outfit and I had to find a nice Hispanic girl to be her daughter. This is Lucia (or more known as the Hispanic Dentist patient) and the Teresa is the one with the bird... What's her name? She is perfect right down to her pink rose-jewelry! 

Ooooh. Finally I have this gorgeous Daisyprint FAset that I have craved for so long. My cut Glitter Beach Marina (or Kira) has got blue and yellow eyes and had to get out of her red silksheat I made her to sport this dress along with WHO?? She isn't the best of Oriental kids but I haven't deboxed 'her' yet so she had to do. This is Mei in a new hat and dress. Still very kute, don't you think?  

The Hula Hair Babs really belongs to my eldest daughter Sofie, but she isn't that interested and mommy Rainbow is now my Guardian Angel. 
And speaking of angels. Angie (Angela deBunce) made this GORGEOUS li'l Rainbow kid and I bought her from Angie the minute she was up for sale. LOVE HER!

219.jpg (37676 byte) These are also Angie designs. She made me a pretty green dress as she is the Queen of Crochet. I could never crochet that small or with such a thin thread!! I am far too impatient for that. She also made a dress for Krissy and both fashions includes undies! She sent me the Caucasian Krissy and had of course to be dressed up in this pink outfit right away. Big sis (cousin maybe?) Nikki is watching over her in her new dress that matches her green eyes. 

My newest addition to the Matching Fashion families. These blonde cuties are dressed in: 
Daisy (Holiday Sea Babs): a Go in Style fashion
Michelle (Baby Sister Shelly): Cute'n Cool fashion
Sophie (Potty Training Shelly): part of an FA and shorts from an Evi fashionset.


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