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Marisa is going out to play.... 

"Hey, kiddo. You need a change of clothes first! You can't play in that coat!!" 

"Much better!" 

"Nikki - you wanna go out?" 
"Sure! I will go get my sled." 

The kids went for a sledtour with this new guy in town. He gives free sledrides to kids with his husky Spike.

They seem to have a good time, don't you think?  

Nikki took out Rocky so he could give Krissy a ride in the snow too. 

Beautiful Becky got a new scooter and came visiting with Debbie in front of her. 

She rides along with the sledtour-guy and the kids laughed their lungs out. 

... This seems a bit more quiet and easy... Kayla and Marisa are kicksledging through the snow on their way to see what Nikki is up to at the hill. She is trying her new sled and they wants to see how she is doing. 

"HEY! There she is!!"

She is going fast down the hill.... 

Too fast as the sled tips and she fells over... Nothing broken but her feelings. NAH, not even that as she is a tough girl and is soon back up again. 

"What happened to you??" 

"I've been downhill skiing... I fell and hurt my leg so bad I have to sit in this wheelchair for some time while it heals."

"Let me tell you a story... "

A Mickey Dee Drive Thru Restaurant. 

Debbie takes a ride through the McD and gets a Happy Meal on a trail. 

Becky who's leg has healed since last winter is having a burger and some strips. 

Sigrid and Lorena are enjoying their meal at Mickey Dee's. 

"What did you get in your box??"

The hungry Lorena is climbing all over the table... 

My warrior Daddy brings food to his kids. A Happy Meal and a huge "Dagobert Sandwich". 


Page 8

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