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Nikki wanted a new sled and asked her sister Tori to help her. They went to the toystore to see what they could find. 

Once inside, Tori grabbed a wagon and Nikki and Kayla wanted to go look by themselves.

"Can we go on our own Tori?"

The girls went exploring the toystore. 

Nikki found an interesting isle and Kayla found some miniature furniture she would like to have for playing House. 

Another view of the shelf of dolls that Nikki found and all the furniture Kayla liked. To the right the girls are checking out some rocking horses - and a rabbit!

Hey, Look who's here! Mickey and Seamus are cruising the toy store too looking for something new to play with. Here they found a shelf full of actionfigures, soldiers, vikings, huns and other historical figures. 

Tori also found something she'd like to have. A game. She thought that the Operation game would be nice to have for cold winternights. 

Seamus again. He found another shelf with more figurs and waaaay up there was some robots that caught his eyes.

"LOOK MICKEY! Isn't this KOOL!?"

Mickey was occupied with a basket of balls and didn't pay attention to his friend. He found a blue one he'd like to get. 

Kayla tries a hula hoop. She really liked the color of it. A beautiful pink...

Then she went checking out the dollhouses and some Barbie dolls. And look, there's Esmeralda from the Hunchback! 

The clerk (who happens to be father to Mickey and Vicky) is waiting to help behind his desk. To the right was this huge doll on one leg. It's Inspector Gadget! 

Mickey is looking at some cars he found at the cashier. 

There are also shelves of teddybears and Barbie dolls. A big Winnie the Pooh also stands there waiting for some parent to buy him for a loving kid. 

The Sport Section is managed by Denise's Daddy. 

Here you can find anything from snowboards and skis, to skates and inlines. Bags, hats, anything for the hikingtrip and boots. 

Kayla and Nikki's Mom also came to the store to see for a pair of skis as her had been stolen last time they went skiing. 

"TORI!!! I found a sled! Come and SEE it!!"

Seamus found the skateboards and just had to try them at once. 

"Don't I look great?"

"Look at this sled Nikki. How about this one?" They met Marisa at the store too. "No, I rather want this white and red one"

Seamus came rolling by them, showing off on the skateboard. BOYS!

Tori asked the manager if he could recommend the sled Nikki wanted and he showed all the details and said it was a very good choice. 

"Look at me Tori. It's a nice sled don't you think? It suits me fine"

"OK, OK, we will get it for you." Tori giggled at her little sister. 

And Seamus found another interesting vehicle in the sport section of the store. A four wheeler.

"Now THIS is a cool thing!"

Tori also checked out some new bags and fell for a red one with a Coke-print on. 

She looked at some radios and found a neat Walkman, but they only came with cassettes. Guess they were out of CD-players. 

All in all it was a good day and everyone got what they wanted. 


Page 7

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