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Seamus deBunce hired a car in a local shop as he had a hot date... 

...with Debbie that took her pony to meet him as they had big plans 
for the day...

The kids had heard about this new DinoZoo in town and wanted to check it out. They came to their meetingplace outside the DinoZoo and...

... Seamus parked the car and let Riley out. He ran immediately towards the entrance and started yapping at the dinos. The Dino here looks a bit disturbed but I guess it's just an image he has enterpreting the meanest of them all - a Tyrannosaurus Rex. 

And here comes their guide for the day. Barbie drives in to the DinoZoo in her shiny red car. 

"Welcome to the DinoZoo!" 

Riley keeps barking and the dino just stares at him. 

Seamus and Debbie strolls up to the fence to get a better look. Barbie invited them to come inside the fence but they thought it was a bit more comforting to stay outside... "HEY, there's another Dragon! To the right, under the tree. See him?"

This guy really wishes he would be a real Dinosaur but he is a plain ol' Dragon. Sweet as Candy. His name is Bolibompa and he is the Swedish children's own TV personality and mascot. Seamus saw him on TV too while visiting us. 
Those tiny guys beside him looked kind of sweet and nice to pet... Maybe.... 
Another time. 

Here's Seamus' first encounter with Bolibompa and the Swedish kids' programblock on TV. 

Camping Fun

Vicky and Pontus are relaxing in the greenery at the camping site. They are waiting for the fire to lit so they can start grilling their Hot Dogs. No adults around to help them with it yet... 
(the tents are from a Steffi's Evi playset)

Keeya is having a Hot Dog in her tent listening to the Boombox. 

Tom is playing Peek-a-Boo in the tunnel. In the shots above it's attached to both tents - like a tunnel between them. A secret passage. Fun at night when you want to sneak in to the girls to scare them... 

Just outside the Camping ground is this tiny garden. Vicky and Lorena went there to check out the flowers and a birdhouse. 

They got company by a lamb too that carried a basket of flowers. 

And in this Magic Garden are some tiny creatures that you only see if you are a child. 

Can YOU see them? 


Page 6

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