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HI! My name is Mei and I am here to invite you to a trip through a fun adventure here with us. Please meet my Princess Rosie! 

Rosie greets you welcome to her Kingdom. 
"Please step in to see our Royal court-life!"

The King and Queen. The International Petra Babies got a new life in Rosie's Kingdom. These two are originally from India (imaginatory). 

(sorry, the shadow fell straight on their faces.... )

Aren't the Royal couple the sweetest? But the Queen lost her front head Diamond... 

Look at King Tut's chair!! I love it! More pictures of the chair here:

And here in her Royal (LEGO) Wagon drawn by a white horse... 

.... arrives the Princess - our beloved Rosie. 

Mei gets ready to present the event of the day... 

... and Princess Rosie and the Wizzy Elizabeth waits with big anticipation...

... for the Royal Orchestra!! Queen Ami on the cello, Pontus on sax and Rockin' Debbie on the keys! 

Pontus really knows how to handle his Saxophone. 

(These instruments are made of metallic and if you push a button they play a melody, that I for the sax have forgotten the name of as I write this... - the "cello" above is really a fiddle that plays "Old McDonald")

Debbie gets Rockin!! One of her biggest idols is Robert Wells, a Swedish pianist that can play anything from classics to Blues and loves Rock n' Roll. No song is sacred in his hands... There you can talk about Roll over Beethoven! And he has long brown hair... 


(the piano really plays "Für Elise", but that's another story)

She gets so excited so she kicks away her stool - like she has seen the big guys do! 

Rock'n Roll!! 

Phew. Debbie had to calm down and sat down in the garden. Here she wanted to try on Mai's jester-hat. She loves the color and fabrics of it! 

Mei and Rosie sat down to play with their princess dollies and had a quiet time. Their Ballerina danced and the Royal kitties just walked around in the middle of it all. One climbes on Rosie's dress to get a closer look at the doll.

But suddenly something happens...

.... "Eeeeeeekkkkkkk!" 

"A WITCH!!!! Look OOOUUT!!!!"

She looks a bit mean up there on the roof. 

The kids ran off screaming and shouting, terrified what the evil witch would do to them. 

Ryan hears their screams for help and comes to the rescue on his black stallion....  

Ryan climbes up on the "castle" and yells at the witch: 

"Fly away you ugly witch or I will hunt you down with my sword!!"

He plays the real hero to save his Maiden Rosie from the witches' spells. 

And the witch fell down from the roof!!  

Ryan gets his rewards... Maid Rosie gives him a big hug and a kiss... 

"My Hero!"

And the castle birdie sits down on the sword. Thought it would serve better as a place to sit than to use for smashing folks with... 

But do you want to know what really happened up there?? Guess who the real hero is?? 

What Ryan didn't know and even less Rosie was that Dizzy came to the rescue... 
She flew around that horrible witch and made her so dizzy.... 

.... that she fell off the roof and hit the ground so hard she probably never got up on her broom again! 

And That's all Folks!

Hmmmm... The playground looks like a bomb went off there.... Kids!! Took a while to clean up the mess after them. But they had a great time even if that witch was a bit scary. 
Rosie fell asleep on her bed. She is so tired! What an adventure. 


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