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Debbie found this strange li'l house when we were visiting Grandma in Piteå. She was convinced that it was the house of a troll and waited inside for a long time. No troll ever appeared. 

Hi Baby, you wanna go for a walk?

Debbie takes out Krissy's new clothes to take her out for a stroll. 

And doesn't she look kute in her new "babybag"? 

I bought this LEGO Scala-set with clothes for baby Thomas and they fit Krissy perfectly! The bright colors fits her complexion in an adorable way!

It matches Debbie's cape too. Here they are out...

... walking in the night. Sort of. It was pretty dark even if the time wasn't that much. 



Debbie sits in their new treehouse looking out over the playground where all her friends are playing.

Pontus kicked of his shoes to build sandcastles and cookies. 

"SEAMUS!! Where aaaare yooou?!?? Come and play with me! I found these kool scooters!"

"What are you shouting about?? I'm over here!!!!"

Mommy gives her baby Vicky some assistance in the slider. 


Vicky goes up and rides down. Over and over and over and over and..... (you get it) 

Lorena and Rasmus plays with the jump swinger (don't know the right name on this thing -  'gungbräda' we call them here). Keeya also wants to join but there is only room for two so... 

... she went off to play with a tractor instead. 

"Keeya!! Get out of the way!! Tuuuut Tuuuuuut!!" 

"Fresh Lemonade!! We have Cokes and Fantas too!" 

Tommy takes Vanessa and Carla on the word and goes to get 
something to drink. Can get very warm to play a whole day in the park. 

Seamus is chatting to Debbie in the slider. He was very impressed with the way she handled the piano (see next page) and thinks she is cool - for a girl. 

And all of the Playground Fun - including Dizzy flying around like a Guardian Angel.

Mickey, all dressed up for some special occasion is getting something to give away... 

"Hmmm. Wonder what this kid is up to now?" 


Page 4

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