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It's Elin's 9th Birthday today. Here the kids are waiting for her to blow out the candles so they can start eating that whipped cream-cake with strawberries Kat made this morning. 

And blooooow out the candles. 

"How many gifts! Can we open some?????"
 "I want to."
" Me too!"

"Can I get this one???"

"Hey, boys! Give them to Elin instead. It's hers!"

"Eeeh, OK"

Kelly Schulenberg found these packages highly interesting. Wonder what it is??

Aaah, tiny dollies! They have connections on both sides so you can put them all together in a long line for necklace or bracelet but Kelly just wants to play dollies. 

"Hey, look at that kid!"

"Can she come out to play with us?"

It's an Evi with a wagon.

Mickey loks at the LEGO-witch Elin got. 

"WAAOOOOWW! Can we watch this one???" 
Oskar and Mickey checks out the Pokémon-video. 

Four darlin kids in a row. Couldn't get Mickey to take off his cap though! 

Know what this rascal did?? You can see it at the back of his cap and nose... He dived right into the cake!! He has got cream all over his nose. 


Page 3

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