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Erik is standing at Kiruna Central Station waiting for the train to come and take us south in Sweden. Chelsie and Shelly are also waiting on the cooler-bag. 

Erik and Shelly is showing the Conductor the tickets. He was Norwegian. The trains that goes on Malmbanan are Swedish or Norwegian and so is the staff. This guy giggled when he saw Shelly and asked Erik if HE was playing with dolls. "No, it's Mom". Then the Conductor started laughing. Now why is that?? ;-) 

Shelly, Chelsie and Pontus is looking out the window. 

Here is one of all the views they saw. 

At Grandma's after 14 hours by train and another hour by car. 
Pontus is meeting with Dacke, my very old dog that lives at my Mom's house because of allergies. 

Dacke is sleeping and Pontus is having a cosy time next to him... 

Dacke was born on my Birthday, Nov 2 in 1987. He will be 13 this fall. 

Erik is celebrating HIS Birthday here. The 7th. 

And the kids are of course all over the packages.... 

Pontus is being a bit rude. Can I play, Can I play????? 

And finally he got a moment with Erik's miniature Batmobile and figures. He got out of his tux and kicked off the shoes. Can't play with that on.... 

Meet Li, my friend since she went to school with my sister and later since we started collecting almost the same time. 

And meet Viktor. Li's youngest son and the one that named the li'l rascal in front of him. Before this he was Tommy, then became Pontus. 

And meet BrIAn..... :-D 

She IS a bit nuts. And got caught by the Kellybug as can be seen in her blousepocket.... Chelsie and BrIAn share the same color of hair. Sometimes. 

I got all four different dentist patients in the mail from Laurel and here they are playing with my Prissy and a bunch of teddies. Seems like they enjoy playing with each other and Prissy welcomed them all. 

Pontus and Sigrid are showing some of the stones we have found this summer. Ellen was with us when we found some of these. 
Pontus sits on a piece of ore and Sigrid has climbed up on a rock of pink quartz. In front you can see a piece of white quartz and a small tourmaline. 

It's winter and my girls wanted to go out and play. The sun is shining low so the light isn't that nice. Yellow in closeups and the snow gets blue. Guess it's a Swedish phenomena then ;-) 

Here they are on their "Spark" - or kicksledge. Kayla gives Marisa a ride in the snow. 

"Hmmm, what shall we do now?"

"I know, let's make a snowman!"

Uff... phew... 
It's heavy work to make the balls that will make a snowman when you are a toddler. 

"I found a broom for him!"

"And I found a black hat"

"Hey, Marisa. You're not supposed to wear it. It's the snowman's!"


"Look! Isn't he the best snowman you ever saw?"

(He is actually from a Playmobile-set...)

"Kayla! - Let's make snowangels!"

"Pretty nice, don't you think?"

Hey Mickey, Mickey, Hey... 

This is my new boy, Mickey among some tubes filled with - REAL GOLD! Janne is a golddigger and has been to Tankavaara in Finland on a goldsearch this summer. Mickey thought this was so cool and wanted to have his photo taken right here, mingling with the tubes. 

My li'l Linda found something strange in a store. "What is that thing??" 
"It's just a dustcover for a pc-screen." 
"Hmmm, more like dustcatcher to me, but it matches my jacket! It has to be a Personal Cowputer!"


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