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Some mascots on my screen: Dizzy the fairy and Arista the centaur is made by 
Shelly Norrick, the lil Jeannie is rerooted by Laura Nelson.

Playing with the li'l ones is so much fun!!

Click the thumbs below for bigger pics.

Oskar and Pontus are watching the tractor working in our front yard. 

The boys sit in the grass - hard to see them. The tractor is digging up the grass preparing for a small parkinglot. That part gets so badly hurt in winter when the tractor showels snow and takes away the lawn...  

Oskar and Sigrid looking up towards Loussabacken. 

Here they are watching two of the big ore-trains that travel from Kiruna to Narvik. The trains just stood there checking the power one of the drivers said. 

Where Sigrid got her name from....

And where Oskar got his name from.... 

Julie and Oskar is checking out the world and Julie points out her birth-place on Earth to him. "Look, there is China!" 

Tommy is showing off his golfbag and real leather backpack (actually a keychain - Lappish handicraft).

Tommy and Bosse are going golfing carrying their trunks with clubs. 

Bosse is made by Barbara Bukowski Design in Stockholm and he has got a fiancee named ..hmmmm... have to ask Li - she has got one... 

3 times Tommy - or from left: Tommy, Oskar and Pontus. They used to be Fireman, Winter Fun and Baby Brother Tommys... 

My travel-bag for the li'l ones. Got it from a Swedish Barbie-magazine when I signed up for a subscription. I had four dolls and LOTS of clothes with me this summer (of 2000). 

YEAH!! Packageripping!! What's in there? What's in there? The boys are very impatient while Ellen Ensor is silently watching them climb all over it. 
The package came in from Loanne... 

Tommy and Pontus ripping the paper off one of the boxes reveiling a package of Great Getaway Fashions. 

Ellen also wanted in on the fun and opened up one of the boxes. 

An Easter-gift from Carolyn. Meet Easter Bommy and his friends. 

A closer look at Carolyn's adorable creation. 

Pontus is playing with the new birdcage, from Playmobile. Will be a nice accessory for the royals when they arrive. 

The kids are going to the mall!! 

Oskar and Tommy at the pet shop. 

"I want that turtle!!" 

"Hmm, I want a doggie!"

Becky and Chelsie are trying on hairpieces and hats in the Beauty Shop. 

PWK and Pontus are having an ice-cream in the Café on the corner. 

Chelsie wants to leave after Ellen has left. Says it's no fun here anymore - she has noone to play dressup with anymore.... Here she is with her new suitcases. 

Chelsie 2 is showing her fishtank and the cat seems awfully interested too.... 

Sofie played around with an FA and put it up next to me. We developed that idea and added Tommy and some dinosaurs, so now Tommy is playing with The Invisible Kid, alias Zero. 


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