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Disney have always been very close to my heart, and I was very thrilled when the Classic Movies was beginning to show up on Home Video for you to buy. As a Disney freak I also collect Disney character dolls and the first one I bought was SnowWhite, soon to be followed by Cinderella, Aladdin and Jasmine. Well that wasn't quite correct as the first I bought were four dolls from The Little Mermaid that were supposed to be gifts for the girls (once again) and they got one each but the two left I kept to myself. These were German issues from Tyco found in that retail shop with overproduced stuff and the ones I kept was a Mermaid with very long hair and the Prinze Eric and his dog Max. Tyco's plastic Max looks a bit more "real" than the Mattel version with that fluffy hair. I would want the Mattel versions too, but the Swedish prices...

Go here to see closeups of the dolls' faces; female, male, masks.

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#? Beauty Belle
This was a giftset with a video; I got it from my sister but she kept the video. Too bad, it would have been great to have NRFB now, as it was a European Special... You DO make mistakes in the beginning! The doll is the same as in the regular edition sans the plain dress.

#2436 The Beast
Prince and a costume for him to be the Beast. See a closeup of the mask in the faces section; male Disney masks.

Box dated 1991.

#7783 SnowWhite
I once saw the fashion set with the Fairy Godmother and can't figure out why I didn't buy it! As far as I can recall we didn't get any of those sets but that one.

#1624 Cinderella
This is the first Cinderella doll that was released in 1993(?) - boxdate 1992.

#1625 Prince Charming
Cindy's prince showed up at a toy store at reduced price. Lucky me - and Cinderella.

#4567 Sleeping Beauty
This girl has eyes that "close and open" with wamr/cold water.

Box dated 1991.

#4597 Prince Phillip
Aurora's prince that gave her the reviving kiss.

Box dated 1991.

#2548 Aladdin
My mom picked this one up for me.

#2557 Jasmine
I don't really like her molded earrings. Can anyone figure out why Mattel did that?

#14051 Spirit of Love Gift Set, Pocahontas
My sister bought this Pocahontas and John Smith set in Greece for me. Isn't she nice?

#13331 Sun Colors Nakoma, Pocahontas
Pocahonta's gorgeous friend.

#13330 Sun Colors Kokoum, Pocahontas
Took a while (read a "few" years!) to get around to actually buying this guy...

#15312 Phoebus, The Hunchback of Notre Dame

#15311 Esmeralda, The Hunchback of Notre Dame

#16960 Esmeralda 2-in-1,  The Hunchback of Notre Dame
This is one of the narrow-box dolls, in a swimsuit under her skirt.

#17112 Hercules
this guy is huge compared to the regular Ken sized bodied dolls. .

#17149 Fashions Secrets Megara, Hercules
One of the few dolls my husband have bought for me.

#17261 Megara, Hercules
Another narrow-box doll, Megara in a turquoise dress.

#19015 Mulan
Mulan in a narrow box. This version had a toothy smile and a gorgeous Chinese outfit.

#18897 Captain Li Shang, Mulan
A very nice Asian guy with rooted hair put up in a ponytail.

#7784 The Queen Mask (SnowWhite and the Seven Dwarfs)
The Evil Queen from SnowWhite was released as a play set with a mask and costume.
Click here for a close up of her face.

# The Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)
Sleeping Beauty's evil stepmother was released as a play set with a mask and costume.

#2419 The Fairy Godmother (Cinderella)
The wonderful Fairy Godmother was released as a play set with a mask and costume.
There was another mask costume relesed from Cinderella; the Stepmother. I only have the mask yet but want the whole set with the costume.

#? Beautiful Hair Arielle, The Little Mermaid
Ariel has loooong hair in this version. By Tyco.

#? Jewel Prinze Eric & Hund Max, The Little Mermaid
Max is made of all-plastic and does not look like a fur-ball. By Tyco.

#23000 Anya, (Anastasia)
Together in Paris Anya - Anastasia before she remembered who she was. By Galoob.
Not Disney but just as good!

# Snövit och hennes vänner från Skogen
In 2001 Simba Toys got the license to make Disney Princess dolls and sets. I couldn't resist this set with SnowWhite and a "Bambi" figure that was released in late 2003. Quite lovely. I need to take a new look at the movie though to refresh my memory of her pink dress. Did she have one?

Snövit och de sju dvärgarna. These guys are made by Simba Toys and I got them along with the Simba Toys SnowWhite in pink above. Always hard to resist such well made dolls and SnowWhite is one of my absolute favorite Disney movies. Click here for the Dwarf box back.
Kloker - Doc   Butter - Grumpy   Toker - Dopey   Blyger - Bashful   Trötter - Sleepy   Glader - Happy   Prosit - Sneezy
#35014 "Before Once upon a time..." Princess Gift Set, ©2002

JAKKS Pacific made this cute Gift Set with four little Princesses from some of Disney's most popular fairy tales. You have a SnowWhite, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella as dolls in the 4" size, each to the spot of their character.
Go here to see a closer look at the four mini princesses:



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