Disney® and other cartoon dolls, male

See Page 1 for the female dolls and page 3 for some mask play sets.


MattelTM Disney® dolls

Cinderella's Prince Charming is a cute guy! During this time, all Mattel boy dolls had molded hair. Would be nice to see them with roots...
Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty.

Doll and photo belongs to Andrea in Germany.

Aladdin comes with lots of hair (molded of course!) and also a molded fez ontop of his head.
Phoebus is Disney's hero to win Esmeralda's heart in Hunchback of Notre Dame.
He has a molded goatee and a big nose....



Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid

Doll and photo belongs to Andrea in Germany.



He was made a LOT bigger than regular Ken dolls, with molded hair and a scarf.


John Smith that won the love of Pocahontas.

This is a doll that can pass as a non-cartoon.


Kokoum from Pocahontas



The Beast - or the handsome prince that eventually came out of his spell.

Another male doll that might pass as a "regular" male figure and not a cartoon, even if this one has a star in his eyes (Wedding Day or something)


Milo from Atlantis looks like a geek but he is still cute!
Captain Li Shang from Mulan is a nice looking guy - and one of the first Disney guys to have rooted hair. His head looks to have been transplanted but he has his original body here (fully articulated) and some of these also have green legs/feet!
Tarzan is another cartoonish looking guy, very close to the Disney movie about the son of the jungle. My doll's head came on a regular Ken body but Tarzan originally has a very unique body!

He has the longest rooted hair I have ever seen on a male doll.



Other brands and cartoon dolls


Prince Eric is the guy that stole the heart from the Little Mermaid and made her surface.

This is Tyco's version of him. I still don't have the Mattel version....




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