Disney® and other cartoon dolls, mask play sets

See Page 1 for the female dolls and page 2 for male dolls.


Mask play sets (MattelTM or other)


Cinderella's evil Stepmother. 

the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella.



Malificient, the evil fairy that cast the nasty spell on Sleeping Beauty that eventually made her sleep for a hundred years.


The evil Queen from SnowWhite.

This mask is still placed in it's blister
pack so there is some glancing from the plastic cover over her face.

The Beast mask for the prince in Beauty and the Beast. It is 'urrounded' by a long "lion mane".    


Green Hornet's sidekick Kato face mask, uniform and equipment for Captain Action

Photo taken through the plastic of the box, which gives a bad glare. See box here:

Playing Mantis

I got this mask in a lot of misc stuff and it took me quite a while to ID her.
This is Queen Amidala from Star Wars. 
Made by Hasbro.




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