Skipper's® Friends

Skipper was alone for one year before her friends Skooter and Ricky made friends with her at school. In the first 10 years a lot of friends came and went, before she found her dearest friend in 1989; Courtney who have stayed put since.

Skipper have shared body molds with all her friends, and headmolds with most of them.

1965 saw the "birth" of Skooter and Ricky with straight legs. The two dolls had new headmolds. This is so fun with the earliest years, that every doll had his or her own face and didn't share it with anyone else. If you had a Skooter, it WAS a Skooter, not a redheaded Skipper with a new look. Skooter and Ricky's heads are copyright marked 1963, same as Skipper's head.
They vanished a year later to never return... This isn't quite true though. Skooter made a reappearance in Europe in the mid-70's with Skipper's original headmold as Fun Time Skooter, with a gorgeous auburn hair and blue eyes. She wore a blue swimsuit, just like the one Malibu Skipper had but without the suntan...

Fluff came in 1971 "Living" the life of her time with Skipper, and so did Tiff a year later. These girls had the same face, but with a totally different appearance. Fluff had short blonde curly hair in two pigtails and brown eyes with rooted eyelashes, Tiff was a redhead with long straight hair and brown eyes sans the lashes. They have the cutest little closed smile with big round cheeks. They are just adorable!

Skipper was "Growing up" with a new friend in 1976, a brunette girl named Ginger. She had the same face as Skipper with brown eyes. When you turned their arm they grew a barely inch and developed breasts.

The next to make friends with Skipper not only did that, HE was her first boyfriend. Scott arrived on roller blades as Super Teen Skipper's boyfriend in 1980. He had a BIG brown rooted hairdo as the fashions were at the time. Scott had the same body markings as Ken (©1966), but his body was a shrinked version of Ken's made of a thin vinyl with no bendlegs and one straight and one bent arm.

Courtney was next in the line of friends and has been since 1989. She has shared all face changes that Skipper have gone through, and body molds too.

In 1991 a new guy came to town, Kevin. He also had the same markings as Ken on his body (©1966) - a bit smaller, but bigger than Scott's. He had big blue eyes and his molded hair was painted in two shades in five of the six issues. He had nonbendlegs and straight arms.
Kevin vanished in 1995 after their Pizza Party and should be replaced in 1999 by Zach, a new Teen boyfriend, but he is not to be seen this year.

The last girl to have joined Skipper is the first African American friend she's had: Nikki. She shares head- and bodymold with Teen Skipper and is a gorgeous young lady.

The girlfriends

Skooter came in three hair colors, just as Skipper, but with brown eyes and freckles. She look just like she could be Midge's little sister.

My mischievous little
BL Skooter from 1966.

Skooter headmold
Marked 1963

Fun Time Skooter was released in Europe in 1976. The Fun Time girls had the same bikini as Malibu Skipper, in other colors.

Doll belonged to Katrina

Skipper headmold
Marked 1963

This little darling cutie is Living Fluff from 1971.

Headmold marked 1969

This cutie belongs to
Carin Rönnholm.

Pose 'n Play Tiff is a hard one to find. She shares the same adorable contagious smiley face as Fluff.

This doll belongs to Rebecca Chulew.

Fluff headmold
Marked 1969

1976 Growing Up Ginger is the second friend to use the original Skipper mold.

Doll belongs to Rebecca Chulew.

Skipper headmold
Marked 1963

1989 Teen Time Courtney was the first issue of this gal.

She is here dressed in a Teen Time Fashion set from '94.

1987 Skipper or
BigEye headmold

In 1995 Courtney had her face redone, just like Skipper. She is soo cute with her green eyes and brown hair!

Pizza Party Courtney

1993 Skipper or
Pizza Party headmold

When the girls turned 16 they were revamped again

Pyjamas Fun Courtney

Teen Skipper headmold
Marked 1995

This gorgeous black girl joined Skipper and Courtney in their 16th year.

Pyjamas Fun Nikki

Teen Skipper headmold
Marked 1995


The boyfriends

Ricky was the first male friend of Skipper. He looks just like a little brother of Allan with his red hair and that loose fringe on the forehead.

1965 SL Ricky

Ricky headmold
Marked 1963

This is an interesting guy; he is Skipper's first Boyfriend! He must have taken SuperTeen Skippers heart by storm. As her first love it didn't last long and he was gone after one year only.

Scott headmold
Marked 1979

Kevin found his place in Skipper's heart some years after Scott vanished, and stayed there for six years.

Kevin headmold
Marked 1989

This should have been a presentation of Teen Zach, the new guy in Skipper's young life, but he is delayed - perhaps too much school work?

And shown to never be produced!!



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