The cousins and their friends

Barbie have had a few cousins over the years. I say a few since P.J. was said to be her cousin on some of the boxes in the mid 70's. If you don't count her, there are two girls that are her real cousins; Francie and Jazzie.

In the late 60's Barbie's MOD cousin Francie made her debut. She looked like she just came out of Carnaby Street in her hip and MODern clothes. She was made with a different body than Barbie, an inch shorter and smaller chest. She had her own wardrobe totally different from the one Barbie had up'til now. Francie was also sold as an African American girl, but she didn't do well so she was withdrawn after only two years and is one of the most sought after vintage dolls today.

Francie made friends with a girl called Casey with the prettiest smile you've ever seen. Casey had the same body as Francie and she came in all hair colors.

Francie and Casey even changed headmolds with each other as the Malibu Francie was made with the Casey face and a blonde "baggie" Casey was seen with the Francie face. Francie had brown eyes and Casey blue, but when Francie got a suntan she also had blue eyes! In Japan you could find a Malibu Francie with her original face, as a brunette with brown eyes and a suntan. Confusing?

Another celebrity friend was made with the Casey headmold. Twiggy was released in the late 60's too and had her own wardrobe. The difference between her and Casey is that Twiggy's makeup is much heavier. Twiggy has long rooted upper eyelashes and painted lower lashes. She also had a shorter hairdo.

In 1989 a new girl was introduced as a cousin of Barbie's; Jazzie had an all new body and face. Not quite though, the bodies were used on some dolls in the late 70's and the headmolds came from another line of Mattel dolls - Starr and her group.
High School Jazzie had two girlfriends, Chelsie and Stacie and a boyfriend by the name Dude.
Jazzie and her friends was sold in her own line of white boxes besides three Jazzie dolls that were part of the swimsuit line.


1965 bend leg Francie

Headmold marked 1965

Sun Set Malibu Francie

Casey headmold
Marked 1966

2nd issue Colored Francie

Francie headmold
Marked 1965

Doll belongs to Rebecca


30th Anniversary
Back to the beginning again.

30th Anniversary Francie

Nostalgic Francie headmold
Marked 1965 /

Replica Colored Francie in Wild Bunch.

Nostalgic Francie headmold
Marked 1965 /

Germany had their own version of Francie
in the early 70s. She is referred to as
German Francie, sold only in Europe.

German Francie headmold
Marked 1971




1967 Twist'n Turn Casey

Casey headmold
Marked 1966

"Baggie" Casey

Doll belongs to Rebecca Chulew.

Francie headmold
Marked 1965


Jazzie and her friends


High School Jazzie

Starr headmold
Marked 1979


High School Chelsie

Starr Group Tracey headmold
Marked 1979


High School Stacie

Steffie headmold
Marked 1971


High School Dude

Derek headmold
Marked 1985



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