Barbie's little sister Skipper made her entrance to the world in the same year as me, 1964. The first headmold was used for a long period of time, not until 1979 she got a new one. She's had eyelashes, side glances, mostly blue eyes - in Japan there were some black-eyed beauties sold in the late 60's. Skipper had red hair, blonde hair and brown hair, all in different shades. She's had long hair, short hair, straight hair, curly hair, bangs, no bangs. Straight legs, bendable legs, firm waist, twist waist, no breasts and developed breasts under a time. Kids legs, longer legs, even longer legs... The list is long.
Skipper has grown from a 8-yearold (with her own car - how about that?!) to a teenager to a 16 year old girl.

Her first face was a cute little girls' with a closed mouth. In 1975 she was growing up (developing those breasts) and in 1979 she got a new look in Superteen Skipper. She had a new arm-mold and a teethy smile. This face- and new bodymold was used for three dolls, but a couple with the first face was released during the same period.

In 1985 Hot Stuff Skipper showed up with a new smiley face. Her eyes was placed a bit low, giving her a strange look. This face was used in four series, two with the new body and two bathing suit-dolls with the original body. Guess it was too much seeing a Skipper with breasts in a swimsuit?

Well, in 1988 a whole new doll came to the stores, when the Teen Fun series was released. This is so far the most used headmold for Skipper since the first original. She now had BIG eyes and again a closed mouth. She was totally redone, with a new body and new arms. The first three dolls had three different hairstyles and color of the eyes. These are the only dolls that are not blonde and blueyed from 1970 to this day.
The first African American Skipper (and six after her) was released in 1989 with this face.

The next redo she had done was to a gorgeous little teenager that was more in scale to her sisters. Pizza Party Skipper from 1995 was found as white or black. Too bad she didn't keep this look for long, I think this was the cutest of them all ... until now that is.

In 1997 she became 16. Teen Skipper is now all grown up and is doing all the stuff teenage girls do these days.

A new body mold as well as head mold was made in 2010.

I was born the year this little cutie came to the stores for the first time.

1964 SL Skipper

Head marked 1963

The second doll with the second face...

Western Skipper from 1982

1978 Skipper or
Super Teen headmold

Hot Stuff Skipper
Hot Stuff Skipper from 1985.

Head marked 1984

This headmold gives Skipper a cartoonish kind of look with the big eyes, but she is still cute.

One of the first Skipper dolls with this mold and I believe the only one with brown eyes:

1987 Skipper or
BigEye headmold.

This gorgeous girl is Pizza Party Skipper from 1995.

1993 Skipper or
Pizza Party headmold

Teen Skipper from 1997 is all grown up, and just beau-ti-ful!

This is Rio Skipper with red hair.

Teen Skipper headmold
Marked 1995

Skipper is brunette! 

2010 Skipper


African American

This is the first black Skipper ever released: Homecoming Queen Skipper.

The black versions have never been sold in Europe and the white came under another name which I can't recall right now...

1987 Skipper or
BigEye headmold

The seventh black Skipper got a new look in this gal: Pizza Party Skipper.

1993 Skipper

The first Teen Skipper that came in a black version was Cool Sitter Teen Skipper that nursed four little darling babies in 1999.

Teen Skipper headmold
Marked 1995


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