Tutti® Head Mold

In the middle of the '60s this little cutie appeared on the doll scene. This was the littlest sister of Barbie's.

You can clearly see her ear on this picture but the angle is wrong to see, it goes in height from the upper part of eye to the line of the nose, check Chris' page for differences between them. They have been considered to having the same mold for many years but there is a big difference between them. Tutti also has a molded line where the upper "lashes" are painted.

Markings inside the rim of the head:

©Mattel Inc (plus Japan on this one)

No year-marks.

These dolls were sold in Europe long after they vanished from the American market and those were made in Hong Kong of a plastic that hardened over time and shrunk a bit, while the hands were bigger than the Japan made ones from the '60s.


Todd was the twin brother to Tutti and he was made with the same head mold and face as her. Todd was the first male doll with rooted hair. I believe that has to do with the mold as they used exactly the same as Tutti and didn't make a new one with molded hair out of the same (compared to the '68 Ken molds - the Edwardian look and the Mod Hair have the same face but one has molded hair and the other one rooted - different molds).

This is a Hong Kong made Todd with a wild hairdo. The European '70 Todds were brunets while the US '60 had light red hair.


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