Chris Head Mold

Tutti got a girlfriend in 1967, Chris. She could be seen as brunette, blonde or redhead, all with these pretty brown '60s style eyes. This head mold is more heart shaped than Tutti's with bigger cheeks. The ears are placed in line with the lower part of the eye down to the mouth. Her eyes have a more cartoonish look to them, without any molded eyelash lines.

Markings inside the rim of the neck:

Mattel Inc

No year-marks on this head either.


Carla was sold in Europe in the '70s. One of few AA dolls ever sold here, and the only AA doll never sold in USA! (well not quite true)

Carla was made with the Chris-mold.


Buffy was a TV charachter in the '60s that had a doll by the name Mrs Beasley. Buffy was made as a doll in Tutti size with the Chris head mold.


No closeup pictures available
The Pretty Pairs were three little dolls with a toy that was made with the Chris mold too. These girls were:
Lori - a blonde curly pigtailed girl with her bear Rori
Nan - an AA girl with her doll Fran
Angie - a brunette girl in a side ponytail with her doll Tangie.


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