1991 Stacie Head Mold

Stacie is the twin sister to Todd and was actually released the year after him. Everyone thought that Kelly was the reincarnation of Tutti, but nothing was said on the boxes that she was a sibling. Stacie is.

Markings in the neck:

Mattel Inc

This is Happy Meal Stacie from 1994.


Stacie also have some in AA versions, like this one from the TRU Wedding Party Gift Set from 1995.

AA Party 'n Play Stacie was the first to be released in 1993 and she is I believe the only single boxed released AA Stacie doll to date...


Whitney is a friend of Stacie's and they share molds.

Happy Meal Whitney was released in 1994 and since this series Whitney have followed Stacie where ever she has been.


When this girl appeared the AA Stacie disappeared.

Janet was released the same year as Whitney and has also followed Stacie on her adventures.

Polly Pocket Janet from 1995


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