1990 Todd Head Mold

Todd reappeared in 1991 as Ring Bearer in Midge's Wedding to Alan. He was made in a bigger size and with a new cute head with short hair.

He had flocked hair - it's glued to the head.

The markings are in the neck:

Mattel Inc

Lady Lovelylocks was another Mattel doll series that used the same bodymold as Todd. I'm not sure about the heads though. I think they had their own molds.

This is first single doll Todd; Party'n Play.


Kelly was seen only one year, as the Flower Girl in Midge's Wedding. She came in two sets: in the big 6-doll gift set in 1991 and in a TRU Gift Set with Todd above in 1992.

Wedding Day Kelly had the same face as Todd.


AA Todd have been seen only twice, both times as Ring Bearer to his big sister's Dream Weddings in TRU Special Editions. Same flocked hair as the Caucasian version.

This is the second issue Todd from the Wedding Party Gift Set in 1995.


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