1990 Teresa Head Mold

Teresa got her own new facemold in 1991. In the ads for the dolls in '91 she still had the Steffie face but when she came to the stores she had this new mold, one of the prettiest ever made.

Markings in the back of the neck:

1990, Mattel

Pictured here is Songbird Teresa.




See here for more Teresa faced girls:


Locket Surprise Kayla is the only other friend done with the Teresa mold. She was sold in Europe as Alexia and her earrings was a bit different than the US Kayla's.

She is easily spotted from Teresa as she has got a blue chest that can be opened!


This is Puerto Rican Barbie from 1997 and she is a beautiful version of the Hispanic Barbie dolls with the Teresa face.


Uptown Chic Babs
One Barbie is made as African American with the Teresa face too. This girl is part of the Runway collection (consisting of only two dolls!). She has a very short hairdo and makes a gorgeous AA girl!!

Uptown Chic Barbie from 1996.

This doll belongs to BrIAn.


The Kebaya Barbie dolls sold in Malaysia were all made with the Teresa mold and shows she makes a beautiful Asian too.

Songket Series Kebaya Barbie.


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