1991 Mackie® Head Mold

This mold is called the closed mouth mold but is also referred to as the Mackie face as Bob Mackie was the first one to design clothes for her and a long time only Collector dolls were seen with this particular mold. In 1998 more of the Playline Pink Box dolls also was made with this mold, with the Bead Blast dolls and others.

Head is marked in the neck:

©1991 Mattel Inc

The 1997 Barbie Millicent Roberts from the set Matinée Today is a good representative of this mold.


The AA Rapunzel from 1998 was made with the Mackie mold too and had a gorgeous dark brown shade of her looooong braid of hair.


The  Mackie face can be well adapted to being Hispanic too. This is Chilean Barbie.


Florida Teresa
Florida Teresa is the first friend to have been made with the closed mouth. Isn't she beautiful?

You can see some snowflakes on the plastic... :-) She had her picture taken outside in the middle of winter.


Florida Midge
Midge was also made with the Mackie mold in some of the Florida-boxes.

I finally got my baby. She is GORGEOUS!


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