1987 Christie Head Mold

In 1988 Christie made her comeback after a few year's absence with a new face that she was seen with for a long time afterwards. California Christie had brown eyes and black curly hair.

This mold is marked in the neck:

Mattel Inc

This girl was sold as Hawaii Christie in Europe. He US' name was Tropical Splash Christie.


No picture available

Belinda is the first friend besides Christie to use this face. She was seen for one year only touring with Barbie and the Sensations in 1988.


Dance Club Devon is another shortlived friend. Only in 1990 could you see her do her dance.


The first AA Barbie doll made with this facemold was Perfume Pretty Barbie in 1988.

A few Dolls of the World have been used with this mold too; Nigerian, Jamaican and Moroccan.

This is the Nigerian Barbie from 1989.


Wal-Mart Special Edition SuperStar Barbie is in my eyes a Hispanic girl with her light complexion and lavender eyes. You may consider her AA if you wish.


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