1985 Diva Head Mold

The Rockers' Diva had a new facemold with a Mona Lisa-kind-of smile. The first edition had very much "makeup". This is the second edition, Dancing Rockers Diva. I recently got one girl NRFB and boy what a difference! My first one has a strawberry shade of her red hair but the new one is really redheaded! Beauuutiful! And those darling green eyes.

Markings in the back of the neck:

1985 Mattel Inc




See here for more Midge/Diva faced girls:


Sensations Bopsy was the second doll with this feature. She is a honeyblonde girl with green eyes, a nice raspberry color of her lips and a gorgeous cheek blush..


Kayla was another redheaded friend of Barbie's. This girl came to the Dance Club to do the Disco dance.

I finally got my doll with her soooo very 80's colored makeup and beautiful red hair. 


In 1990 Midge inherited this facemold in three new releases, All Stars, The Beat and Wedding Day.
Midge is the mostly known doll to have this mold as she has been made with it since, with one exception in 1999. Some people call it the Midge mold even if that isn't quite true.

Wedding Day Midge from 1990 had beautiful green/purple eyes with stars in them to show her happiness in marrying Alan.


Barbie as Native American Indian have been released a few times with this mold. This is the TRU special Edition, from the Dolls of the World series.

Native American Barbie


The Diva mold can also be translated to an Asian origin as in the last edition of the Great Era's Collection: Chinese Empress Barbie.


Lilly Truscott character from the Disney teen movie/series Hanna Montana is the newest use of this sculpt. Lilly is made with painted teeth to the otherwise closed mouth face.


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