1983 Spanish Head Mold

Spanish Barbie was one of the first dolls in the International Series, later known as Dolls of the World. This doll had a new pretty Hispanic facemold that can be applicable to any racial feature which you will se below.

Markings inside the rim of the neck:

Mattel Inc, 1983

Doll pictured here is first issue Mexican Barbie.


AA Jewel Secrets Barbie was made with this mold in 1987. Quite a few AA Barbie dolls was made with the Spanish face during these years in the '80s until the new Christie mold came.


Teresa was a new friend to Barbie and she had Hispanic origin.

This is the second Teresa with this face: Cool Times Teresa from 1989.


Rockers DeeDee was a new AA friend. This is the second issue, Real Dance Action DeeDee.


Sunsational Malibu Christie was made with the Spain face in a few versions after 1983.


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