1980 Oriental Head Mold

Oriental Barbie from 1981 had a totally new facemold with an Asian look to it. This is one of the first dolls in the International Series that later became the Dolls of the World Collector Series.

Markings in the back of the neck:

Mattel Inc 1980



Island Fun Miko was the first Oriental friend and she came from the land of leis: Hawaii.

In Europe she was known as Marina.


Rockers Dana was a new friend playing in the band.

This is the second issue - Real Dance Action Rockers Dana or Dancing RockStars Dana (or could this be another Marina?).


No picture available


Becky in the Sensations-group that was sold in Europe under another name: BiBops BiBi.


Animal Lovin' Nikki was yet another Asian friend of Barbie's. She came with a lion cub in her box.


Western Fun Nia was a Native American friend sold in Europe as Sun Charm Marina.


Glitter Beach Marina or Kira as she goes by in USA is so far the latest and longest Asian friend.

This is Marina to me even if several of the older Asian friends was sold under that name in Europe too.


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