1993 Skipper Head Mold
1994 Pizza Party Skipper got a brand new face that much more fitted into the family and matched her sisters. Gone was her big UFO like head with big eyes and instead we saw this beautiful young teenage lady.

This mold is marked in the neck:

Mattel Inc 1993

This is the prettiest mold in a long time for Skipper and it is a shame it didn't appear sooner as only a couple of years later Skipper grew again and got a whole new look.

The Disney dolls Wendy and Tinkerbelle also changed to this mold.


Also Courtney had a face change to this version. This is Pizza Party Courtney from 1995.

Courtney is still brunette and has a beautiful shade of green eyes. Phone Fun Courtney released the year after was brunette too.


Pizza Party Skipper also came in an very pretty AA version. AA Skipper came in two versions with this face, the second was Phone Fun Skipper.

If you know there are more, please feel free to send me an email and fill me in:  kattisdolls@crosswinds.net


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