1995 Teen Skipper Head Mold
This beautiful young lady made her appearance in 1997. Skipper had gone through a major makeover and not only got a new wonderful face but also grown to be as tall as her big sister.

Head markings are in the neck:

1995 Mattel Inc

First Teen Skipper has blonde hair with a light brown streak of hair as highlight. Her eyes are a beautiful shade of blue.

This photo shows Rio Skipper, released in 2003. She has a beautiful red hair.


Teen Courtney also grew up along with Skipper and the first version had reddish brown hair. Later versions have been redheaded mostly.

This is Pyjamas Fun Courtney and her hair is reddest of them all :-)


Teen Nikki is the first AA friend of Skipper's and also uses the same mold.

The doll pictured here is Pyjamas Fun Nikki and she had a very nice hairstyle with mini braids.


Skipper also came in an AA version with the Cool Teen Babysitter set in 1998 with four babies to tend to.


Barbie's new friend Becky in her wheelchair is also made with the Teen Skipper mold. She is a pretty girl with red hair - in the first version. The second version had a more brownish blonde color. 

Pictured here is second version Becky.


Happy Family Midge in the black version was also made from Teen Skippers mold. 


This caucasian version (maybe only one) of a baby sitter Barbie was made with the Teen Skipper face too. Barbie comes with a baby, just like mommy Midge's new born girl, only blonde.

This doll was sold as Midge in a big set in the US.


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