1987 Skipper Head Mold
Sun Jewel Skipper is a pretty girl and one of the better ones with this big head mold. It feels a tad too big in proportions to her body. Her eyes are huge. The first dolls to appear with this mold were the three Teen Fun Skipper dolls in 1988 and Teen Sweetheart Skipper the same year. Four new girls. This was the only year that Skipper had different colors of her hair and eyes, then she is all blonde and more or less blueeyed.

Her head has markings in the neck:

Mattel Inc.

Since her debut in 1963, this is the most used face mold of all of Skipper's, second to the first one.

This mold is not exclusively used for these dolls below but also another Mattel doll series - the Peppermint Rose dolls. And not to forget the Disney Specials Wendy and Tinkerbelle.


In 1989 Teen Time Courtney made her entrance into Skipper's world. She is a brunette and mostly browneyed girl with the same face as her new friend.

Here she is redressed in a Skipper-fashion from 1995.


Homecoming Queen AA
Homecoming Queen Skipper made a pretty AA version of this head mold. She has greyish eyes and pink lips.

Skipper came in 7 AA versions with this mold.


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