1990 Shani Head Mold

Shani and her friends was made in a new series of dolls in the early '90s - all African American. These had new features, really nice made with a true AA look. As a former Athletic I see on Shani as a cousin to the Jamaican sprinter Merlene Ottey, especially after they got the new bodymold too with long legs and that nice touche...

The doll pictured here is Sun Jewel Shani.


DotW Ghana
Ghanian Barbie is a wonderful doll made with the Shani mold. She is simply stunning!


Sparkle Beach Christie was made with the Shani mold and is so far the only Christie made with this mold. Correct me if I'm wrong.


No picture

TRU had a series of dolls in the mid 90's called the African American Collection and the three girls were all called Asha and all three was made with the Shani mold. A bit confusing... 


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