1998 Angel / Goddess Head Mold

This face has been called different names, as Angel face or Goddess face as it was released on several dolls the same year. The AA Angel of Peace got it as did the Goddess of Spring.

Head markings in the back of the neck:

1998, Mattel Inc

Doll here is Goddess of Wisdom that has had her hair let down.


This darkskinned beauty is the Inca Princess Barbie from the Princesses of the World collection.


Last Native American Indian in the Dolls of the World Collection, Northwest Coast NA Barbie.

Another doll used with this sculpt is Spirit of Earth Barbie.


Another Princesses of the World doll, this is Princess of China. She is made in a very light plastic and got rosy cheeks. 


A beautiful black Barbie doll. This is AA Grand Entrance Barbie from 2002, one of all beautiful black dolls made with this mold.


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