1990 Nichelle Head Mold

Nichelle was a beautiful friend of Shani's. The Shani line is not officially part of the Barbie line but the box says "From the makers of Barbie".

Markings in the back of the neck:

Mattel Inc

There were four Nichelle versions during the early '90s:
#1751 Nichelle in 1992 in an oval box.
#3456 Beach Streak Nichelle in 1992
#5775 Beach Dazzle Nichelle in 1993.
#10290 Soul Train Nichelle in 1994.


AA Make a Valentine Barbie from 1998 is one of many using this mold.


Florida Christie was the first Pink Box friend to use this mold, and with this face she had her 10th makeover in her 30 years.

Doll pictured here is Butterfly Art Christie. 


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