1990 Asha Head Mold

This is a beautiful friend of Shani's - a side branch of the Barbie family.

In my opinion this is one of the most beautiful African American faces in the Pink World. She can be made in any skin color (with some color) and makes beautiful girls in any shade.

Head markings in the back of the neck:

Mattel Inc

Asha was released in four versions during the early '90s.
#1752 Asha in 1992 in an oval box (the girl to the left here).
#3457 Beach Streak Asha in 1992
#5776(?) Beach Dazzle Asha in 1993
#10291 Soul Train Asha in 1994.


Christie was the next AA girl to use this face mold in 1998.

This is Purple Panic Christie from the Cool Colors series in 1998. She has been released in several versions with Asha's face mold in the last two years.


Barbie has also been made with this gorgeous face.

This girl to the left is one version of Bead Blast Barbie in AA.

No Dolls of the World has so far been made with this mold. Many AA Collector dolls and several Pink Box dolls though.


Generation Girl Nichelle is also made with the Asha facemold. 


Mystery Squad Shawnee is a new friend from 2002 that also got the Asha facemold. Sadly this doll and the rest of the series vanished only after a yer.  


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