1998 Chelsie / Tori Head Mold


The Generation Girls was a bunch of young women and all of them had brand new head molds with differently sculpted details. Some shared molds, like Chelsie here and Tori below but with some small differences. This particular Chelsie to the left had a small pierce (stud) in her nose... (some did not)

Head markings in the back of the neck:

1998 Mattel Inc

Generation Girl Chelsie, first edition.


Generation Girl Tori shared mold with Chelsie. There were some small changes as Tori has three molded earrings in her left ear (seen to the right here). The faces are the same.

Second edition Generation Girl Tori.


Mystery Squad Drew was released in 2002 and was made with the Lara/Tori face too. When I deboxed my doll I even noticed she is done from the exact same mold as Tori above, with one tiny molded earring in her right ear and three in the left!


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