Baby Dolls Page 2 - the smaller babies.

Some refer to all babies as Krissy but I want to show the difference with these pictures below. Krissy was seen for the first time in 1998/1999 with her big sister Barbie. Most of the babies before that has been no name babies that has come in baby sitter sets starting in the mid 70s. Later on there was other Mattel family babies, like the Sunshine and Happy families in the early 80s, or the Heart Family in the late 80s. All of these were made with the same body mold marked 1973 but with three different head molds. These first babies all had a solid plastic body in a baby pose. Krissy was made with a totally new mold. She was less chubby than the old babies and had moveable limbs. Krissy can sit by herself.

In the mid 90s a new set of Mattel dolls appeared on the scene. They were called Fashion Corner and the dolls were only 7" tall. The male dolls came with a small baby doll and they were made from the same mold as the previous baby sitter baby dolls - only in a smaller version. The mold was shrinked down quite a bit. Their head molds reminded in shape of the second type of dolls but had a different hairline. They also had some rooted hair, just like the third line of baby sitter dolls.

Around Christmas time of 2002 we saw another baby when the Happy Family Midge gave birth to a baby girl. This is the first time a doll in the World of Pink actually gave birth to a kid. Heart Family were not a part of Barbie's ring of friends. Amazingly this new baby of Midge and Alan's was even smaller than (or close in size to) the Family Corner baby... OK, age wise the chubby babies might be a year while she was newborn. On the other hand was the "New Arrival" baby in the Heart Family supposed to be newly born too.... Confusing.

Nikki as the baby girl turns out to be called, celebrates her first birthday in 2004 and will have a party for her toddler friends. We will see her grow as well as her crowd of tiny friends and she will get a new sibling!!! Midge and Alan are productive... (as the Roberts family has been over the years). See below for picture of the new mold.


  A quartet of small Mattel babies.

Dolls are from left to right:

Sunshine Family baby Sun (same dolls as the Sear's Baby Sitter Giftset from the 70s but haircolor differs)
AA Heart Family New Arrival
Baby Sitter Skipper tripling Kelly
AA Krissy

See here for markings of heads etc:

Another quartet including a couple of smaller Mattel baby dolls.

From left to right:

AA Krissy
AA Happy Family Midge first baby girl doll
Family Corner baby doll
Baby Sitter Skipper tripling Kelly

  A compare of  Krissy vs the vintage Barbie Baby Sits baby from the '60s. They are similar in size but there is still some difference.
This photo shows the Kelly doll mold compared to the newest baby addition to the Pink World; Nikki's one year old mold. The mold of the 1-year olds are built similarly to the Kelly mold and the dolls can stand on their flat feet. The mold is made without a neck to speak of so the head looks to be placed directly on the shoulders.

Left to right:

Sliding Fun Kelly AA
Happy Family Baby Friend Asian
AA Krissy


And a "Dressed picture" just for fun:


A compare of Kelly-sized dolls  |  Another compare of li'l dollies

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