I made this page to help you and me keep track of the updates that occur on this homepage. I don't specify anything on the  Start Page but will do that here instead. There could be only small changes or a whole new page.

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I will try to keep the updates on a per month basis, so every new month I will delete the table below and make a new one. If you didn't catch the changes by the last each month, they're gone! This of course depends if I have any updates in a while.... O well, here it goes...

Alfons here will help me keep track of any changes. He's sitting ontop of my figurine cabinet and makes sure there's no mistakes! 
He got a friend named
Miss Kanina this summer (of 2000). She is a sweet little pink rabbit. You can see her below :-)

More bears here.


April 8 - 2012

~ Well, well.... Long time friends have appeared via facebook and I have had some discussions of this'n that. The old Shades of Fashion has changed forums. The biggest issue with my site at this moment is that I have very few news to share but hope to be getting some new dolls soon. My next project/goal is to add the S.I.S dolls to my very stalled collection. We'll see what happens there...
I have also thought about retaking all facial photos..... *gaaahh* Imagine the work there - and redo the pages in some way. I want to share bigger photos. The site was made more than a decade ago and a lot has changed since, regarding bandwidth etc. Ah well.... Just for now. I am alive! Yayyyyy!

January 21 - 2012

~ No updates in ages. Literally! I am working on a couple of other ideas for updates. A more up-to-date way of updating so to speak... LOL! Well... We'll see what happens with that. I am figuring out an easy way to make it bilingual  but perhaps I'll just leave it in Swedish and let it up to you to translate to English via one of those nasty... ehh crazy online translators. I tend to think they don't do a great job.

February 6 - 2009!

~ Got another night gown and almost forgot to put it among my other nighties...
~ Found some long lost pictures, that had to be added again. Barbie in India on ShowRoom page 7.

Here she is: Miss Kanina the li'l pink rabbit. Isn't she sweet?? These teddies are made by Barbara Bukowski Design in Stockholm and they come in all sizes and shapes - all of them with moveable arms and legs. They are just adorable!


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