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A third page of Dolls of the World along with other ethnic dolls that only can be found in special places.

Note: All boxes on these pages are NOT from Dolls of the World Collection,
but a mix from all kinds of releases with dolls in folk costumes from all over the world.

My dolls are not for sale. They are just show offs from my personal collection - otherwise noted.

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#44001682 Wedding Fantasy Barbie 
made by LEO Company. 

This gorgeous bride was/is sold in India and is made under license by the Indian company LEO. Her dress is golden-and-copper colored in a beautiful pattern. 

#2125 Expressions of India - Wedding Fantasy Barbie

A friend of mine visited India in 2006, through his work and I asked him to buy me a doll for me. He came home with this beauty and a "Barbie in India" in red and gold (see further down). I had hoped he would buy another than the Wedding girl because I had the one above, but I still love her! She is gorgeous with the millennium face. The patterns of dress and veil differs from the old version but I have a feeling that may be a fact even in the same editions.

#49140 Expressions of India - Roopvati Rajasthani Barbie 

My friend returned once more to India and came back with yet another beautiful doll (and also another Barbie in India, green/orange, see below). 

#4401811016 Barbie in India
1996, made by LEO Company 

India makes lovely sari dressed Barbie dolls under license and they are made in all kind of colors and fabrics of their saris. This one has a tiny flowerprint on blue background and also blue sleeves. 

#14451 Indian Barbie

This is the second edition of the Indian Barbie. She wears a pink silk sari with golden accents and has her black hair put up in a long braid on one side. 

#49143 Barbie in India

A gorgeous girl in red and gold. So simple design and yet so beautiful!


#49143 Barbie in India

The green and orange dressed girl, my friend brought from his second trip to India.

(Item numbers are the same on these boxes)

#4929 Korean Barbie,  

This girl is dressed just as young ladies in South Korea. Her outfit is pink and applegreen with golden accents. The costumes can in real life be made in any color, one more beautiful than the other. 

#14163 Japanese Barbie,  

Second edition Japanese Barbie wore a pink kimono (looks mauve here but it is pink - my digital flashes aren't good for pink colors). Box doesn't say second but there was a Barbie in red kimono in the International series - one of the first released.

#12700 Polynesian Barbie

Dressed in a grass skirt and her lei, Barbie wishes you welcome to Hawaii and the Pacific Islands. 

#18561 Thai Barbie

A gorgeous girl dressed in a Thai dancer costume. 

# Malaysian Barbie

Another Kira/Marina faced girl. This is Malaysian Barbie. My doll's box is missing its liner so therefor she is half hiding behind the right side. She is dressed in a golden and mauve/dark pink Kebaya with golden accents.

#11180 Chinese Barbie

The doll from China is dressed in a pink Goazi with black and gold accents. This outfit inspired me to make some oriental outfits for Kelly and her friends too. 

#53368 Princess of China Barbie

Using the Kayla/Lea mold Princess of China came to life. She is a stunning regal lady.  

#5731 Princess of Japan Barbie

Also the Japanese Princess were made with the Kayla/Lea face mold but with the body of Teen Skipper. This is the palest doll ever made. Her skin tone is white as the Japanese women of tradition strave for - even today.   

# Chinese Empress Barbie
Great Eras Collection 

10th and last doll in the Great Era's Collection. This gorgeous lady is made with the Midge/Divaface and I am totally in love with her. Stunning! 

#14024 Oshogatsu Barbie

Happy New Year Barbie. I bought this one through a friend direct from Japan. This Steffie faced beauty is dressed in a cherry red Kimono and she has long black hair. 

#16093 Oshogatsu Barbie
Second Edition, 1996

Happy New Year Barbie. The second edition wears a pink Kimono and her hair is brown and cut just above her shoulders. Still the Steffie mold. 

#16093 Golden QiPao Barbie
, 1997

This doll was released to celebrate the first anniversary in 1998, of the returning of Hong Kong from the UK to the Republic of China. There are two different releases and this is the bigger limited edition set including a booklet describing the event and a coin. The other, more common set is just the doll in a separate box.
Click here to see more of the set.

#23454 Kebaya Barbie
Special Edition, 1998

These dolls are sold in Malaysia and they wear the Malaysian folk costume called Kebaya. Two gorgeous blackhaired girls dressed in a dark green and a pink Kebaya. There is a third version too in a white Kebaya but I don't have her. 

#24924 Kebaya Barbie
Songket Series, 1998

The second edition are sold in two versions; an aqua green and a red Kebaya. The hair is put up in a bun in this version. 

Singapore Girl
1991, second edition

Singapore Airlines has sold two dolls that are dressed as Stewardesses of their company. They both have short blackish brown hair and the Oriental headmold. The difference is the color of the makeup and the boxes.  


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