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Dolls of the World Collection, part 4

The pictures on this pages shows a kids' magazine that is/was sold in Sweden. Once per month there is a new magazine issued and they are called Jorden Runt med Barbie (or "Around the World with Barbie"). Each magazine shows real photos from the country Barbie supposedly visits at each point, from famous sitings and places and other things that you connect with the country. There are puzzles and other things for the kids to solve or drawings to colorize. Also included with each magazine is a costume from the same country for your Barbie doll to wear.
All magazines are copyrighted in 2000 and reprinted in 2003.

I had to split this page into two. Got too big! On the next page you will find all the South African sold magazines.

My dolls are not for sale. They are just show offs from my personal collection - otherwise noted.

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#1 Thailand (Thailand)

In the first magazine Barbie travels to Thailand where she visits a temple fiest at night and see a lot of other things.

#2 Island (Iceland)


#3 Nigeria (Nigeria)


#4 Kanada (Canada)

Dressed for a day out, going on dog-sleigh rides in a cozy pink fur coat.


#5 Kina (China)

#6 Turkiet (Turkey)

Said to be the last issue in Sweden. This magazine came out just in time for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest that was held in Turkey.



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