For the Easter/SpringSWAP Carolyn came up with an idea to use a sock as material for the doll's outfit and I didn't want to participate at first of fear not to find any nice socks with our limited supply. Georgianna joined in late and didn't get a partner so I decided what the h*y - I'll do it! 


The "Sunny Hunny" came in a heartshaped Easter candybox. 
When Georgie got her baby out of it and lifted the cello this is what she found.... (Hopefully!)


I used an Amusement Park Chelsie to become "My Cherie Soleil". Her dress and whole appearance remind of a sunny Spring day with the flowers ready to bloom. 

Her bead necklace is made of three shades of pink and a minty green glassbead to match the colors of her dress and I also switched rubberbands in her pigtails. 

The platform sandals are made out of a piece of cork and some of the pink lace glued together. 



I scanned a before and after of the material used... :-)


And last but not least - her back... 

I put a yellow rose in the back - just beacuse. 

Here you can also see that sandals that 
really are a pair of slippers. 

(sorry for the bad pic... were out of batteries in the digicam I borrowed and couldn't retake it...) 

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