Angelique - made by Georgianna Akers


The lovely doll that Georgie made for me is called Angelique and I am sure you can see why. 

Georgie used an AA doll to be this lovely li'l angel playing her harp in the heavenly skies. Her dress is made of a purple ribbed sock and is simple in style and sooo elegant! 


Here she is - Angelique, surrounded by all the gifts she will bring to me. 

I'll tell you more about them when she gets here. Looks too good to be true from these shots. 

I LOVE IT Georgie!


The lovely box she came in. 

... and this is what I saw when 
I opened it up! 

- minus the YUMMY 
almond candies... 


Angelique is playing her harp sitting on a lovely li'l golden chair. 


A closer look at her...

I am so amazed and thrilled to soon be having this treasue - all by myself :-)

This will be my first Kelly Angel ever. 


And a zoom-in on the toys she is the Guardian of. 



A closeup of her lovely face and 
Geo's first eyelashes, ever.... 

I find her absolutely



Here's the original used for Angelique's 
dress, a plain purple sock :-)


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