This is one of the most funny outfits I have ever done. Eeeeh.. I start over on that one... This has been the funniest outfit to make in a long time.... 

Yet another Pony Riding Shelly in a makeover. This girl was the only doll I could think of that had a lipcolor to go with this outfit - as I don't do repaints (yet). Another choice was a Cowgirl Chelsie with her red lips, but I wanted a blonde. 


Please meet Shelly as Li'l Miss Valentine. 


What got me going on this swap and the thing I started with was the cape. I found that wonderful red acrylic with laméthreads and saw a warm fuzzy cape in front of me. I also went on a sale after Christmas and got these dark pink glitterbands... Somehow I saw that become a part of an outfit, but just not how until I had sewn the cape. 

Shellys' sheath dress is made of two laméthread silkfabrics, one red and one pink (that has red warpthreads) with shoulderstraps of a red satin ribbon and golden edges.


Here are three views of her red and pink sheath dress and the Miss-banner.



Above a little closeup of her where you also can see the heart-shaped button that ties the coat together in front - with a braided ribbon in pink/red/gold. 
Her hair is put up in a higher ponytail and that's it. The curls comes with the doll.  


To the right she stands next to the things she brought with her: 
 ~ a Teddy Postcard with "A BIG HUG" from the bear 
 ~ a pink teddybear
 ~ a heartshaped suitcase with heart rubbers in
 ~ a red tinbox filled with Valentine candy. 

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