Kat - made by Gwyn Hammer

Gwyn had made her doll when we were signed up for this Swap and I recieved her a long time ahead of due date. 

This doll used to be a Jenny, but Gwyn has made her into a li'l lady she named Kat :-) . So sweet of her. 

Click all the small thumb-pictures on this page for a bigger one. 

Now what's this? A big heartshaped basket filled with goodies? Sort of! 


Under that Valentine glitter I found this. A specially designed Valentine card for me.... 

... for starters :-)


When unwrapped this is what I found. A lovely doll with black hair, rooted eyelashes and repainted eyes and lips


The wonderfully customized red heartshaped box contained a little "berrypie" and a white heart with a magnet on the back. 


Back and front view of Gwyn's wonderful creation. 


Meet Miss Kat Maroon in all her glory.




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