My first SWAP ever took place on KellyKlub where I was set up with Sheila. Pretty nervous as I have never done anything like this before. I had a couple of ideas though. This is one of them:
Millennium Chelsie packing her gown to celebrate the New Year and Millennium to come.


Under the making... Another Chelsie is trying out the sequined evening gown and Shelly is waiting to try out the red and green plaid silk Christmas dress with the green velvet coat. In the needle box-lid can the golden slippers be seen.


And the final result: Millennium Chelsie, my SWAP-doll for Sheila.

Here's a short story about Chelsie:

Halloween is long gone and Chelsie has laid off her cowboy outfit,
soon Christmas is gone by too and now she is packing for a grand
celebration of the new Millennium in her sequined
evening-gown and golden slippers.

Chelsie have had a long Christmas Holiday in dressups,
and it’s nice to go barefoot for a while. Her new golden slippers are nice
and she can’t wait for the feast to begin so she can wear them with her gown.
Chelsie is hoping to be Queen of the Night in her purple sparkling dress.


Some closeup-photos of the left corner in the box/room and of Chelsie's silkdress and coat.


The sparkling sequined dress with purple and multicolored metallic fabric.

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