The Li'l Mermaid Trina from Sheila


This darling Li'l Mermaid is a friend of Ariel's and Sheila named her Trina. She has beautiful braids around her head and her tail is made of a piece of the Ethnic Signature Candi's dress :-) She sits on a seashell waving to her friends swimming by.

I decided to keep the scan of this box as the photo I have taken isn't as good.

The biiiig box she came in...


A closer look at this Li'l Darling. Isn't she

You can see the three golden seashells in
her hair as well as the ones that are on the
big shell she sits on.


Here's the story Sheila told:

Come on down and meet Ariel's Li'l Friend Trina!! Her favorite things are her Mom's SeaWeed Pie and her B*rbie dolls! Trina loves to sing and play. She has shared many exciting adventures with her best friend Ariel!! But more than anything they both love going to visit their Li'l Friends on land: Kelly, Tommy, Tamika, Marisa, Keeya and Deidre!


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I borrowed the background
from Enchanted Hollow