Angie made me a pretty li'l witch for halloween: Broom-Hilda
Go here to see more of Angie's work:
Gilly Gals Designer Dolls.


Broom-Hilda used to be a Nutcracker Jenny but got a new life as a li'l witch. 

She came dressed in a black solotype dress with dark orange organzaruffle. The whole dress is adorned with sequins and pearls. 

Over her shoulders a spider has made a web and you can see one of the spiders above the ruffle. 

The other one is in her hair, also with a web. She also got repainted eyes in a lovely green color, her lips has a dark pumpkinred color, painted fingersnails, and earrings. 

She also comes with her "broom" - a vaccuumer (a lollipop) and a cauldron on a fire (filled with candypowder to dip the pop in). 





A closer look at Broom-Hilda's dress and one of her two spiders.  


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