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A big package arrived to Christie's Mansion one day. Now what can this be? The windows in the box gives a glimpse of something pinkish and sparkly....

Roseanne found this while shopping and thought it would look good in Christie's living room. It is really cute!

Christie at her living room dinner table examining the new jewel for her Mansion.                                                          

Admiring their new house accessory.

Kat's comment:
This is actually a piece of Christmas decoration I found in a store in late October. As a total Xmas-nut all the xmas decorations works as a magnet on me and this store was just putting up their xmas trees and decos. Amidst it all was this lovely little "crystal" chandelier that screamed for attention. I just had to get one with the Mansion in mind :-) I knew it would look good among all the other weird pink stuff in there. (not my fave color but since I am afraid to repaint stuff....)

A look from below. IGNORE the piece of tape there.... ;-) I had to put it up with something. Will try to fix something "real" for it....  

Wicker Furniture

This is another thing found at the same trip as the chandelier. Some adorable wire wicker furniture! These were found in an "Indiska Magasinet" - a store that sells clothes, paper stuff, pens, jewelry and home decorations from India.
There was also a bed that I didn't get - don't ask why... But I got all the other pieces.

The kids are trying them out....

Kitty and Ronny lazying in a chair and the sofa.                                                                        


Mickey and Vicky from the other side of the tiny table.

A closer look at Kitty. She tossed her foot up on a tiny stool.  

And Ronny layed down to test the length of the sofa. Can it serve as a daybed?  


Page 23

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